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about nomos





Nomos RED is a small  boutique firm. We work with a short, limited client list so we can offer highly personalized service and focus on the creative aspects and special requirements of your specific project.

We keep our client list short being highly selective about the types of jobs we take on, so you have our attention and dedication. And because we are small, our staff is efficient and we have low overhead, so you’re paying solely for the work that we do for you.

Reasons to work with a boutique design firm like Nomos RED?

  • You work directly with the principal and senior designer: Here at Nomos RED, we all design and manage every aspect of every project—there’s no handing things off to someone junior.

  • We’re flexible: Because we’re small and dedicated to you as one of our few clients, we can react and readjust quickly as projects evolve.

  • You’re important to us: A smaller client roster means lots of personal attention for you and your project.

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